Notice to Mariner No. 80/2004

Ref. No.: MD/FAX/04/615

As you are aware ISPS Code will be implemented and mandatory from 1st July 2004. Therefore, please advise all your principals, ship owners, shipmasters whose vessels call at Port of Fujairah & Fujairah Offshore Anchorage, your staff and your utility boats based in Fujairah the following;

1. ISPS Code Abbreviations
ISPS : International Ship & Port Facility Security.
AIS : Automatic Identification System.
CG : Contracting Government.
CSO : Company Security Officer
CSR : Continuous Synopsis Records.
CTU : Cargo Transport Unit.
DoC : Document of Compliance (ISM Code).
DoS : Declaration of Security.
HSC : High Speed Craft.
ILO : International Labour Organization.
ISSC : International Ship Security Certificate.
PFSA : Port Facility Security Assessment.
PFSO : Port Facility Security Officer.
PFSP : Port Facility Security Plan.
RSO : Recognized Security Organization
SI : Security Incident.
SL : Security Level.
SOCPF : Statement Of Compliance of a Port Facility.
SSA : Ship Security Assessment.
SSO : Ship Security Officer.
SSP : Ship Security Plan.
WCO : World Customs Organization.
POF : Port Of Fujairah.
FOAA : Fujairah Offshore Anchorage Area.
TFSO : Terminal Facility Security Officer.
2. Port of Fujairah has already been complied with ISPS Code.

Port Security Level in Port of Fujairah is Level 1.
Port Security Level in Port of Fujairah is Level 1 and will remain unchanged until further instruction from the Contracting Government. Changes will be informed to the terminals ,all vessels at POF & FOAA including the Shipping Agencies, Bunkering & Deslopping Companies.

4. Focal Points
4.1 Port Communications (24 hours)    
  * Port Control (Telephone) : + 971 9 2228777
  * Port Control (Fax) : + 971 9 2228022
4.2 Port Security Officer    
  * Telephone : + 971 9 2228842
  * Fax : + 971 9 2281439
  * Email :
4.3 Emergency Calls    
  * Coast Guard : + 971 9 2380380
  * Harbour Master : + 971 50 4846778
  * Port Security Officer : + 971 50 6906797
  * Act. Port Security Officer : + 971 50 6297812
4.4 Vopak Horizon Fujairah Terminal    
  * Telephone : + 971 9 2281800
  * Fax : + 971 9 2281358
  * Control Room telephone : + 971 9 2281642
  * TFSO (Tel.) : + 971 50 4892810
  * TFSO (Email) :
4.5 Dibba Port    
  * Telephone : + 971 9 2442300
  * Fax : + 971 9 2424638
  * PSO (Emergency Call) : + 971 50 6492411
5. Following type of ships involved in International Trade must comply with ISPS Code,
  All passenger ships including HSC.
  All ships including HSC above 500 Tons.
  All mobile offshore drilling units.
  All above types of vessels should equipped and hold the following while calling at POF or at FOAA,
5.1 Full use of AIS.
5.2 Security Alarm.
5.3 IMO Number painted on the ship's sides.
5.4 Continuous Synopsis Record.
5.4.1 Records of the last 10 ports of call.
5.4.2 Records of Security Measures taken during the last 10 ports of call.
5.4.3 Records of S.T.S activities during the last 10 ports of call.
5.5 Ship Security plan.
5.6 Valid original International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC).
6. The information required from vessels calling at POF or FOAA (Prior Arrival)
6.1 The shipping agency has to send the attached "Permission to Enter POF or FOAA" (PDFISPS Code-POF-Form 1) to ship owners, charters and management. Duly filled form are required to submit to POF 72 hours prior to the vessel's arrival. The daily "Vessel Arrival & Departure information" to Port Control has to be continued with vessel's ETA & ETD updates.
6.2 Following original certificates should be valid and available onboard.
  1. Load Line Certificate.
  2. Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate.
  3. Cargo Safety Radio Certificate.
  4. Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate.
  5. (C.L.C) Civil Liability Convention Certificate issued by flag state (issued in accordance with provisions of International Convention on Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage 1969 & 1992). *
  6. (I.O.P.P) The International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate.
  7. Register Certificate.
  8. Classification Certificate (Hull & Machinery)
  9. De-rat Certificate.
  10. Oil Record Book *
  11. International Safety Management (ISM).
  12. International Ship Security Certificate (from 01/07/2004).
6.3 Vessels arriving at POF or FOAA must confirm and provide all information as given in the form "Permission of Entry" by VHF to the Port Control two hours prior their arrival.
6.4 POF can allow vessels to use Port's area to have the RSO verification. A copy from Interim International Security Certificate is need to be submitted to Marine Department on completion of the verification, otherwise the vessel will be instructed to leave from the area.
Vessel must report to Port Control on the time of receiving RSO surveyor, start and completion of verification, issuance of the Interim Certificate and its status.
7. Security Measures required from the vessels calling at FOAA Level 1
7.1 Notice to Mariner No. 71 dated 27/10/2002 regarding the organization of FOAA is applicable.
7.2 Vessel should not lower gangway or pilot ladder to utility boats till have adequate information of cargo and boarding persons. Gangways & ladders should be secured back its position immediately after their use.
7.3* Vessel should maintain good communication with Port Control & Ships Agent by VHF & Telephone (refer, Focal Points).
7.4 It is the responsibility of the utility boat skipper to ensure that no unauthorized persons onboard his boat and each person hold a proper Immigration Pass.
7.5* Minimum one watchman should available all the time at bridge monitoring the ship.
7.6* Fire pump with fire monitor should be ready for operation with short notice.
7.7* Adequate light should be maintained on main deck at night while the vessel's stay at anchorage.
8. Declaration of Security (DoS).
8.1 Utility boats less than 500 Tons based in Fujairah and serving the vessels within port limit as per our Notice to Mariner No. 71 dated 27/10/2002 become part of Port Security Plan. Therefore, DoS between utility boats & vessel not required while providing marine services excluding bunkering.
8.2 POF will require a DoS between the PFSO and vessels at the following cases according to item 5 of ISPS Code,
  8.2.1 The Port Security Level is higher than Level 1.
  8.2.2 A vessel working on a Security Level higher than Port's Level (if vessel requires).
  8.2.3 When a security threat or a security incident involving the ship or the Port facility as applicable.
  8.2.4 When there is an agreement on a declaration of security between Contracting government covering certain international voyages or specific ships on these voyages.
Under above cases PSO will board the vessel for furnishing the DoS with SSO, vessels inside POF will be without charges but charges applicable for vessels at FOAA as per Port Tariff.
Any vessel requesting completion of DoS under above cases should inform to Marine Department 24 hours prior to vessel's ETA.
8.3 At any case, if a DoS is completed between two vessels at FOAA while bunkering or S.T.S operations, a copy of this DoS must be submitted immediately once it is completed to Marine Department by shipping Agency or by bunkering company (if the bunkering company responsible to accept the vessel to receive bunkers without appointing agent while bunkering operation) (please refer to item 5.2.5 of ISPS Code).
9. Responsibilities of Shipping Agencies based in Fujairah,
9.1 Vessel's ETA has to be informed by fax 72 hours prior their arrival at POF or FOAA. Vessels ETA has to be updated daily in the "Vessel Arrival / Departure information" to Port Control
9.2 Ensure that no unauthorized persons onboard their utility boats and each persons onboard hold a valid immigration pass to proceed to anchorage area.
9.3 Ensure that all safety gears are as per SOLAS and available with valid certificate at assigned positions onboard their utility boats.
9.4 Ensure that all cargo onboard their utility boats belongs to their vessel and are safe and exactly as requested by the ship's master or ship's owner prior leaving from the Port.
9.5 Make sure that prior requesting Gate Passes from the Port Gate Pass Office, the persons are from a company which is registered with POF for providing services to vessels at FOAA or POF.
9.6 Advise the persons to whom the agent arrange gate passes that the passes issued to them are to visit only the port premises and are not allowed to visit FOAA under any circumstances.
9.7 Prepare the Utility boat Crew Information (PDFISPS Code – POF – Form 3) and submit to Marine Department. This form needed to be amended and submit to Marine Department whenever there is change in the crew list.


Responsibilities of Utility boat Skippers
10.1 Check your boat prior proceeding to Anchorage Area.
10.2 It is the responsibility of the utility boat skipper to ensure that no unauthorized persons are onboard his boat and each persons hold a proper Immigration pass to proceed to Anchorage Area.
10.3 Ensure that all safety gears are as per SOLAS and available with valid certificate at assigned positions onboard their utility boats.
10.4 Ensure that all cargo onboard their utility boats belongs to their vessel and are safe and exactly as requested by the ship's master or ship's owner prior leaving from the Port.
10.5 Furnish carefully the Personnel Transport Log Book.
10.6 On completion of the Personnel Log Book, immediately submit to the Port Security Officer, Marine Department.
10.7 Make sure that the boat crew list is as per the "Utility Boat Crew Information" (PDFISPS Code – POF – Form 3)

Best Regards,

Capt. Tamer Masoud