Notice to Agent – No. 11/2003

Ref. No. MD/FAX/03/742



Further to our Notice to Agent No. 14/2002, please note the following,


1. Please refer the General Regulations in our Notice to Mariner No. 71 dated 27/10/2001.
2. Port Security Plan is at the compiling stage, but please consider the following points,


2.1 Vessel should not lower gangway or pilot ladder to utility boats till have adequate information of the cargo and boarding persons.
2.2 Vessel should maintain good communication with Port Control & Ship's Agent by V.H.F & telephone. Port of Fujairah's working radio channels and contact numbers are given below,
V.H.F Channels : 8,10 & 16
Tel. : + 971 9 2228777 (Port Control)
: + 971 50 6906797 (Port Security Officer)
: + 971 50 4846778 (Harbour Master)
: + 971 9 2380380 (Coast Guard)
2.3 One watchman should be at bridge all the time monitoring the ship.
2.4 Fire pump with fire monitor should be ready for operation with short notice.
2.5 Enough light should be on main deck at night.
2.6 Gangway / Pilot ladder must be secured back its position immediately after use.
3. It is the responsibility of the utility boat skipper to ensure the persons onboard his boat have proper Immigration passes (refer our Notice to Agent No. 14/2002 dated 27/10/2002).
4. Safety gears as per SOLAS must available at assigned positions onboard the agents' utility boats.
5. It is the responsibility of the ship's agent to ensure all cargo belongs to their vessel are safe and exactly as requested by the ship master prior leaving from the Port.
6. Prior requesting Gate passes for persons providing services to vessels at Fujairah Offshore Anchorage Area, it is the responsibility of the agent to ensure that these persons are from a company whose name is registered with Port of Fujairah for the requested job. (refer our Notice to Agent No. 6/2003 dated 24/03/2003).

Best Regards,

Capt. Tamer Masoud