Security Notice 6/2004 / AMENDMENT


SUBJECT: ISPS Code – Declaration of Security.

Please be informed that Port of Fujairah will require a Declaration of Security (DoS) between the Port Facility and Vessels moored at port's area (inside, Vopak terminal & Offshore) at only the following cases according to item 5 of the Code:

  1. The port security level is higher than level 1.
  2. A vessel working on a security level higher than the Port's level (If the vessel requests).
  3. When a security threat or a security incident involving the ship or the port facility, as applicable.
  4. There is an agreement on a declaration of security between Contracting Government covering certain international voyages or specific ships on these voyages.

Declaration of security will address the security requirements that could be shared between the port facility and the vessel.
At any case, if a DoS completed between two vessels under an STS operation, a copy of this DoS must be submitted to Marine Department – POF, once it's completed.
Vessels at anchorage area, the port facility security officer will board them for furnishing the DoS with the ship security officer and appropriate charges will be put as per port tariff.
DoS Tariff: (Refer Notice to mariner No. 80 and 82/2004)

  1. DoS Application 1500Dhs (Double Charge in Fridays and Holidays)
  2. Boat Transportation 400Dhs per Hour(Double Charge in Fridays and Holidays)
  3. If vessel remains more than time allowed, additional paid security measures will be provided92patrolling boats at vessel's anchoring position which will cost 600Dhs per hour each boat.

Any vessel requests completion of DoS under the above cases, Marine Department should be notified at least 24 hours before the vessel's E.T.A
So please inform your principals accordingly.


Capt. Hesham H. Fawzy