Responsibilities of Shipping Agencies based in Fujairah,


1. Vessel's ETA has to be informed by fax 72 hours prior their arrival at POF or FOAA. Vessels ETA has to be updated daily in the "Vessel Arrival / Departure information" to Port Control
2. Ensure that no unauthorized persons onboard their utility boats and each persons onboard hold a valid immigration pass to proceed to anchorage area.
3. Ensure that all safety gears are as per SOLAS and available with valid certificate at assigned positions onboard their utility boats.
4. Ensure that all cargo onboard their utility boats belongs to their vessel and are safe and exactly as requested by the ship's master or ship's owner prior leaving from the Port.
5. Make sure that prior requesting Gate Passes from the Port Gate Pass Office, the persons are from a company which is registered with POF for providing services to vessels at FOAA or POF.
6. Advise the persons to whom the agent arrange gate passes that the passes issued to them are to visit only the port premises and are not allowed to visit FOAA under any circumstances.
7. Prepare the Utility boat Crew Information (ISPS Code – POF – Form 3) and submit to Marine Department. This form needed to be amended and submit to Marine Department whenever there is change in the crew list.

Capt. Tamer Masoud