Responsibilities of Utility boat Skippers.


1. Check your boat prior proceeding to Anchorage Area.
2. It is the responsibility of the utility boat skipper to ensure that no unauthorized persons are onboard his boat and each persons hold a proper Immigration pass to proceed to Anchorage Area.
3. Ensure that all safety gears are as per SOLAS and available with valid certificate at assigned positions onboard their utility boats.
4. Ensure that all cargo onboard their utility boats belongs to their vessel and are safe and exactly as requested by the ship's master or ship's owner prior leaving from the Port.
5. Furnish carefully the Personnel Transport Log Book.
6. On completion of the Personnel Log Book, immediately submit to the Port Security Officer, Marine Department.
7. Make sure that the boat crew list is as per the "Utility Boat Crew Information" (ISPS Code – POF – Form 3)

Capt. Tamer Masoud