Ref. No.: MD/PS/05/39


SUBJECT: 7M Quay Procedures – Entering Vehicles to Operations Cranes area


As you are aware about the recent car incident at 7M quay (near Loading Area), following safety procedures will be implemented from today for not repeating similar incident in the future, “A yellow line will be painted away from the Loading Area, vehicles not involved in loading or discharging operation should not cross this line".

“Documents & parcels to Supply Boats should be delivered at the yellow line. Delivery timing should be informed earlier to boat's skipper for not delaying the car inside".

“Representatives boarding supply boats to furnish documents must be dropped at the yellow mark and their vehicles must vacate the area immediately.

“Joining crew must get down at the yellow line and their agent must ensure the presence of their utility boat prior dropping crew. The vehicles after dropping the crew must immediately vacate the area".

Anticipating your cooperation on implementing above procedures for the safety of your employees and keep our operation smooth. (Diagram attached)


Capt. Hesham H. Fawzy