Please note that facilities for loading barges have been established at Banana Island, Please refer to our Notice to Mariner No. 90 dated 02/11/2006 and note the following points:
1. All barges calling above facility must have a shipping agency based in Fujairah.
2. Pilot station of above facility is half nautical miles east of Fairway Buoy ( 250 06.8'N & 0560 22.6'E)
3. Berthing at day light and unberthing could be 24 hours.
4. Pilot ladder and equipment should be complied with SOLAS and International Pilot Association recommendation. "A clean and efficient Pilot ladder fitted with spreaders and manropes should be made available for the Pilot to embark or disembark safely".
5. No Marine services available at above site. All marine services can be provided at Port of Fujairah or at Fujairah Offshore Anchorage Area.
6. Port clearance compulsory and all normal procedures for Port clearance, (Immigration, Customs in and out clearance, towage certificate applicable).
7. Marine charges as per Port Tariff plus one hour hire for each tug (2 tugs) to reach facility Fairway buoy from Fujairah Port Fairway Buoy (3.5 N.M.) for berthing and unberthing.
8. Currently only berth No.1 is operational with following limitation:
  8.1 Maximum L.O.A. 105 mtr.
  8.2 Maximum draft berthing & unberthing 5 mtr.
9. Berth No. 2, 3 & 4 still non operational.
10. The barges and towing tugs awaiting berth can anchor in "W" or "C" anchorage area according to the instructions from Fujairah Port Control.